Tuning Services
Left alone, the musical pitches of a piano will change over time, usually getting lower. That’s due to the piano being played, and also to daily and seasonal variations in temperature and humidity. Even a piano that is never played will eventually go out of tune!
So we like to retune them! How often is somewhat a matter of taste. Concert pianists require their stage piano to be retuned essentially every day, or before each concert. However, for most home pianos, I’ve found that two to four tunings per year will keep the pianist happy and the instrument sounding very nice.
My job–when I visit your piano–is to adjust the notes so that they agree with the international standard, and with each other. In the process, we tame the chaos and set the piano up to play at its best.
Repairs & Regulation
  • Do you have that proverbial E-flat above middle C that sticks?
  • Is there a squeaky pedal on your Steinway or Yamaha?
  • Is the tone of your beloved piano too harsh?
  • Is the music rack broken?
  • Is there a chipped key?
  • Not a problem! Throughout my career, I've seen it all. I can assist with these types of problems, as well as the more serious ones.
    Having your piano tuned is a little like changing the oil in your car: It’s something you need to do pretty regularly. But pianos contain many hundreds of moving parts and–after many years–those parts suffer wear, eventually needing adjustment or replacement. Fixing these problems is like taking that car in for new brakes or tires. I can examine your piano and recommend repairs ranging from minor adjustments to a full regulation; including replacing worn-out hammers or restringing the instrument.
    Humidity Control Installation
    If you had your piano tuned and then didn’t play a note for a whole year, it would still be out of tune at the end of that time! The culprits are changes in temperature and humidity.
    A humidity control system is a powerfully effective tool when it comes to maintaining excellent tuning and mechanical reliability. I am a factory certified installer for the Piano Life Saver System by Dampp Chaser. Consisting of a humidifier, a dehumidifier, and a sensor to cycle these devices, the system keeps your piano very close to the ideal relative humidity of 42%. Not only does this help the piano remain in tune longer, but it also helps prevent the internal wood from cracking and splitting due to our dry conditions.
    The installed humidifier is incredibly unobtrusive as most of it is concealed within or under your piano. This system provides essential long-term protection to your musical instrument.
    I am an authorized dealer for Dawson String Covers of Sarasota, FL. If you own a grand piano, particularly a brand new one, I strongly urge you to consider letting the Dawson Company make a custom cover for you. These lie flat over the strings and plate of your piano and prevent dust ever from making it onto the dampers, plate, and soundboard. Once it accumulates, it is almost impossible to eradicate years of accumulated dust from these areas. If you install one, in 20 years the soundboard will still look brand-new! The piano cover does not interfere in any way with the piano's moving parts. The sound is almost unaffected! And for those rare concerts in your home, the cover is easily removed for a few hours. I have one in my home piano and wish I had discovered this product years ago. When you call me to order, be sure to mention your piano model number and your choice of felt color and decorative edge stitching. I'll quote you pricing right away. Shipping is normally 2-3 weeks after placement of order
    I am also an authorized dealer for the Paul Jansen Company of Oshkosh, WI. They offer a huge variety of accessories to enhance your piano: Benches and stools, protective covers, floor caster cups to preserve your hardwood or other floor surface, metronomes, sheet music storage cabinets, and many other items. Please just contact me for pricing and delivery estimate.