If you had your piano tuned and then didn’t play a note for a whole year, it would still be out of tune at the end of that time! The culprits are changes in temperature and humidity
     The Piano Life-Saver System™ by Dampp-Chaser is a powerful and effective tool to keep your piano at the recommended level of 42% relative humidity. I have installed more than fifty of these systems in northern Nevada homes and churches. They help the piano remain in tune longer and prevent wood from cracking and splitting due to the very dry conditions we experience here in the Great Basin. The Piano Life-Saver System™ is very unobtrusive - most of it is concealed within or under your piano. For a few hundred dollars, you can give long-term protection to a musical instrument costing thousands of dollars. For further information, click below to view the brochure in pdf format or contact me, and I will send one to you through regular mail.

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